Fairfax County Recycling Program at Oaks of Woodlawn

Multifamily Property recycling is required in the county via the Fairfax County Code, Section 109.1:


According to a representative from Fairfax County, the Oaks of Woodlawn residents are doing good job of sorting recyclables.  It was suggested that we remind the Oaks of Woodlawn residents of what they can/can’t recycle.

Here’s a link to Fairfax County’s new Multifamily Recycling Toolkit that should also help with the Oaks of Woodlawn program improvements, and recycling goals:


Keep in mind:  All residents are required to recycle all paper, steel and aluminum cans, and glass and plastic bottles and jars – plastics #1 & #2 only.

Also, please be aware that all local recycling facilities are requesting that residents eliminate the use of plastic bags for the collection of recyclable materials. All recyclables should be placed CLEAN, DRY, and LOOSE in recycling collection containers. The bags pose a hazard for processing facility equipment by becoming entangled and costing facilities thousands of dollars to shut down and free equipment from the tangle of plastic bags.

Lets work together as a community to  focus on the following:

·        Eliminate plastic bags from the recycling collection container and encourage items to be disposed of CLEAN, DRY, and LOOSE

·        Please break down cardboard boxes for recycling


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