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    Welcome to Oaks of Woodlawn Apartments!

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Property Overview

We believe in…

Real Value We believe in creating real value for residents and investors by enhancing our properties with good locations, floor plans, amenities, exceptional maintenance and respectful, caring staff.

Real Community We believe in managing our properties as real communities. We invest in strong ties to the surrounding neighborhood and in giving every Oaks of Woodlawn resident a real sense of fairness, identity and of belonging.

Real Homes We believe in turning apartments from housing into real homes. In fact, Oaks of Woodlawn’s superior satisfaction ratings come not just from treating residents well, but from treating them with the same care and respect as family.

Real Living We believe in real living – giving residents fresh ways to enjoy apartment life, the location and fellow residents.

At Oaks of Woodlawn and Amurcon, You’re not just a resident, you’re OUR resident!

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Oaks of Woodlawn Apartments
8799 Old Colony Way
Alexandria, VA 22309
Phone: 703-360-1023
Fax: 703-360-1083


Fairfax County Recycling Program at Oaks of Woodlawn

Multifamily Property recycling is required in the county via the Fairfax County Code, Section 109.1: https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/publicworks/sites/publicworks/files/assets/documents/chpt109-swm.pdf. According to a representative from Fairfax County, the Oaks of Woodlawn residents are doing …

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